The Mini round

1 Reserve
15km / 9mi
300m / 1000ft

A perfect evening or weekend taster of the Wild Peak

The mini round visits the nature reserve at Peak Shopping village at the half way point, where you can treat yourself to refreshments, café or shopping, before you return back to Bakewell.

Route highlights

Some of the places you can look forward to passing on the full Wild Peak round

Recommended route

As long as the Peak Village reserve is visited and you start / finish from the Inov8 store in Bakewell, you are free to choose your own route. We have provided a route below as an illustration.

The waypoints

This is the list of the nature reserves which can be visited in any order, starting and finishing at the Inov8 store in Bakewell.

Nature reservesGrid Ref.Description
Start/FinishSK21726 68460Inov8 Shop, Kings Street, Bakewell
Peak VillageSK25739 66114Inside the reserve entrance

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